How Starts With Who

Our team left traditional agency environments to thrive through an empowered style of working. It shows in our work and embodies our culture.

This atmosphere of respect, balance and excellence fosters connection, boosts morale, and births extraordinary thinking, inspiring us to achieve incredible things for ourselves, as well as our clients.

Team...of agency experts.

Like other SMART products and services, our advanced operating system runs on high-processing, efficient speeds. Our connectivity is expansive through our broad-reaching network, and our myriad capabilities allow access to any and all applications and features via a single, integrated unit.

PIVOTS of Success

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Be Bold

Embrace possibility and fear falls away. To practice invention, you must be willing to leave convention. "Cookie-cutter" doesn't exist in our vocabulary. There's always a better or different way.

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Ask Why

We are a company rooted in strategy derived from insights and always striving for the best results.

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Unleash & Empower

Not defined by traditional agency limitations or the multi-layered chain-of-command, we are empowered to explore what's possible and do what's right for our clients every day.

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Be Positive

Attitude is everything. A "can-do" attitude and a strong positive spirit creates energy, opens doors and allows us to create brilliant work that we love.

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Working with the best people demands a constant respect for one another. It's in our DNA and forges the deep relationships we enjoy with our clients, team and partners.


Two women, and a pivotal moment

A wine bar at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal on a foggy day found Jackie Burks and Amie Stanley thinking about all the possibilities of what an agency could look like if work and life fulfillment were aligned.


After years of managing large, cross-functional teams on both the client and agency side, we had a vision for creating a firm that broke through the traditional workplace boundaries, while delivering marketing excellence for our clients. We started as a nimble, full-service shop based on a consultative model, where clients could tap into a single team member or our expansive network. Eight years later, we’ve evolved with enhanced services, while proudly remaining true to our vision and culture.


Our culture is cohesive and supportive. It fuels our energy, feeds our enthusiasm, and blesses us with balance. And that balance goes a long way in building community, boosting morale and giving us the confidence to be ourselves.


We're inspired by each other's lives, passions and dreams and we encourage our team to cultivate and explore whatever gives them greatest fulfillment. What inspires you?

Our team is comprised of employees, contractors and partners.

  • "When life knocks you on your butt ... get up!"

  • "Living for the adventure"

  • "Sunrise hikes and cooking shows"

  • "Yummy food, yummy cocktails and lots of laughter"

  • "Traveling to new places all over the world"

  • "If you can dream it, you can do it"

  • "Anything is possible if you have enough moxie"

  • "Wine, Michigan State and my dachshund trio"

  • "Cookies and ice-cream"

  • "Innovation, color, light, design, freedom"

  • "Anything is worth trying once"

  • "Oh darling, let's be adventurers"

When many sharp minds with divergent areas of expertise work together, there's no limit to what can be achieved.