Pivot Point developed a wholly-ownable, multi-faceted communications platform, expansive enough to capture the brand’s essence of exploration, create a more emotional connection with consumers, and support multiple product launches to drive incremental volume with retail partners…all with a minimal budget.

Inspiring Consumers to Sea the Possibilities

We all have dreams and ideas about what’s possible. Our passions lead us to explore new things and create new experiences, and it’s these very experiences that expand our world and inspire those around us. We simply need to…Sea the Possibilities.

The concept made the simple act of trying new items like Tilapia and Sriracha Salmon, the first step in discovering something bigger…LIFE. Chicken of the Sea gave consumers endless opportunities to explore – both in-store and online.


visits to microsite


contest entry goal met


sales goal achieved

Store Demos Deep Dive into Exciting Flavors

Diving deep, Pivot Point developed an integrated plan for Chicken of the Sea, creating huge awareness without national TV or print advertising.  Selecting only highly targeted retail chains, overlayed with primary lifestyle shopper demographics in their geographic locations, 5,000 store demos saw 1MM+ trying a bite of Chicken of the Sea’s delicious innovations.  Affluent and culinary-experienced city slickers tried Tilapia, while well-off suburbanites tasted Sriracha Salmon. With a taste for adventure, consumers were well on their way down the path to purchase.

Influencer Content & Paid Media Drive to Inspiration Hub

Pivot Point continued to focus on growth, tapping into what explorers love to do – sharing their discoveries. The Sea the Possibilities microsite served as communication central where consumers could learn about the campaign through influencers, bloggers and engaging content. With a dedicated social and digital advertising campaign, we drove traffic to the microsite and engaged with targeted audiences on a personal level.

We asked consumers to take the Sea the Possibilities Challenge, and share their experiences on social channels. Top influencers first took the challenge, spreading the excitement and inspiring consumers to venture out and try new things–in the kitchen, and in their lives. Targeted media appearances and press releases spread awareness about the Challenge and Chicken of the Sea’s new products and recipes.

Consumers were wildly enthusiastic about pursuing new challenges, discovering the fulfillment of personal growth that created a sense of common ground and community among Chicken of the Sea Challengers. Prize and coupon incentives were offered along the way, to continually keep the Challenge fresh and exciting.

A Tidal Wave of Results

A tidal wave of responses generated thousands of entries and original content for Chicken of Sea, yielding 103% of the contest entry goal, with over 57K visits to our microsite. The Challenge generated over 8.6M impressions through our social advertising campaign, creating buzz and mentions of the brand 18.6K+ times. Dedicated press, national media outreach and third party endorsements resulted in more than 89.2M cross-channel impressions.

This platform proved big ideas can happen when you Sea the Possibilities.

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