Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

When Del Monte wanted to drive volume and secure incremental display space for its Pet Brands at key customers, Pivot Point wasn’t afraid to get emotional. You can always count on pets and their owners to have a good thing going. So much so that we often hear about it and share and re-share multiple times on social media. So when Del Monte enlisted Pivot Point to serve as its Internal Shopper Marketing Team collaborating with Dollar General, it was only natural that we used these emotional relationships as a strong foundation for building business.

Feeling the love between consumers and their pets, Dollar General and Del Monte asked owners to upload and share photos of special moments with their furry friends on Dollar General’s Facebook fan page. What pet lover could resist? We developed a robust program that included end cap displays, shelf signage, tear pads and integration with dollargeneral.com, as well as a customized Facebook tab, targeted Facebook ads, posts on 9Lives and Kibbles ‘n Bits Facebook Pages, and online coupons.


impressions on social channels


visitors to the app

The love doesn’t stop there

Everything worked together beautifully, yielding great results: two-week exclusive end cap displays, hundreds of thousands of visitors to the application, over 31 million impressions across all social channels and thousands of opt-ins to the Del Monte eCRM database.



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