It’s a staple for dinner, you love it for brunch, now it’s time to Pink Up Your Lunch

All innovation needs a solid support plan to win with customers so Chicken of the Sea turned to Pivot Point to launch their new Flavored Salmon Pouch line to gain immediate velocity. To set the stage for success, we knew that identifying a highly accurate demand forecast, understanding consumer behavior to a tee, and correctly positioning the new product line, would lead to traction and momentum gains.


goal achieved for category share


greater velocity in demo stores


increase segment share

Proving to the customer that this new product merited their support would be crucial to achieving our goals. Armed with the key insight that a single serve pouch was an affordable source of protein, we focused on promoting the lunchtime usage occasion via trial and repeat purchase tactics such as in-store sampling programs, incorporating high-value coupons. We knew with limited shelf space (2-3 facings, each about 12 units deep) consumer demand would far exceed available inventory, leaving a significant portion of potential sales unmet. In addition, customers were reluctant to stock incremental product as they feared they’d be left with excess inventory. Secondary display was not an option due to the product being new, thus having low projected velocity. Pivot Point developed a test program that would ensure the best results by delivering an irrefutable case study that could be leveraged across accounts.

Putting the plan to the test

Recruiting Walmart for the test program, we implemented a 30-day, matched-store test: Pink Up Your Lunch demos with one-third of the stores receiving incremental merchandising support, one third foregoing support, and the final third serving as our control group. We discovered that in stores where there was incremental support, out-of-stock incidents were significantly higher, and these results helped enable us to achieve greater accuracy in forecasting demand that customers could not dispute.

Demos were simply the first wave of the support plan. As ACV builds to critical levels, social media will kick-in, driving broad awareness as well as consumer interest. The ultimate goal is to raise velocity to levels required to warrant incremental product facings.

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