An unconventional approach

Chicken of the Sea discovered they had a hidden treasure in their portfolio with their line of premium tuna packed in olive oil, which had been growing exponentially via word of mouth with virtually no support. Pivot Point was challenged to create a premium brand from ground zero around this amazing product line.

But finding this consumer was tough given Genova’s extremely low awareness, so Pivot Point took an unconventional approach to identify the target. Working in reverse, we discovered Genova’s consumer – a very small, but extremely loyal and vocal group – via their online purchasing outlets and accompanying reviews. Considering we were talking tuna, the passionate consumer feedback was astounding. We knew we were onto something.


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To build a brand, you must first know a thing or two about your target consumer

Through targeted research conducted around the country, we learned that Genova-loving consumers were hooked at first bite, with many first-time tasters becoming instant brand loyalists. Interestingly, they shared the same lifestyle characteristics…savvy shoppers and culinary adventurers—educated, time-crunched and health-conscious foodies seeking convenience and quality. These rich target insights, combined with competitive and landscape insights gave us the tools to get started building the brand framework.

Positioning the brand

Next up, we got to work positioning the brand. A “taste” positioning was the winner from extensive qualitative and quantitative research sessions but finding a way to differentiate taste is what we attacked next. Through a series of proprietary Pivot Point Brand Discovery workshops we ultimately shaped and defined Genova’s brand essence. The workshop outputs began to fill-in the framework and ultimately a robust brand wheel was established. Our message was singular and clear: Genova is a simple product with superior taste – one that is simply fulfilling. The resulting brand architecture carved a unique space within the shelf-stable seafood category and launched Genova into the premium world.

Launching the big campaign

Once the foundation was laid, we unleashed the power of our creative team to develop a campaign that spoke to our target and brought to life the brand essence. Genova Simply Fulfilling…was the mantra we brought to life. With our big idea and campaign creative developed, we then developed an integrated marketing plan to drive high awareness and trial.

Pivot Point ultimately launched the brand across multiple channels including traditional media, digital media, paid search, social media and content, video, blogger support, PR, in-store sampling and website development. All disciplines supported the awareness and trial goals set by the brand.

Only half-way through the campaign, results are impressive with the print and digital campaign delivering over 30+ total million impressions and driving thousands to our website. Influencers, PR placements and social media have been instrumental in driving thousands of unique web visits and 100+ million total impressions. Genova has reached national distribution and it’s full speed ahead with growth in 2016 and beyond.


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