Launching a product line to compete with a leader.

The Write Dudes Infinity Markers was the kind of product that had the potential to take the market by storm.  Making its grand entrance into the permanent marker category, Infinity Markers boldly faced off against leading category player Sharpie with a line of seven different products and launched in Target stores nationwide.  Pivot Point created an integrated campaign to help drive awareness, demand and sales at Target.  Shifting our target to focus on the crafter, we saw a golden opportunity for new product trial and brand awareness.

Body 1_markers

Let’s get crafty.

We knew crafters would love Infinity Markers for their ergonomic design as well as for the acid-free, no bleed formulation, perfect for all kinds of crafts.  Given the limited marketing budget, we chose to reach crafters through a creative and efficient multi-faceted campaign.  We developed the program concept and blogger campaign design, sponsored blogger events and sampling and created content for social media.  Our efforts on Facebook included an ad campaign, a sweepstakes and online coupons. We engaged some of the most influential bloggers in the DIY space—”Mommy bloggers”— to create user-generated content which could then be pinned on Pinterest by power pinners.  In almost no time, the site was flooded with hundreds of new project ideas, each shown with Infinity Markers with our branding clearly visible.  Moms and crafters everywhere pinned and re-pinned images over 10,000 times to an audience in the tens of millions!

The campaign received 2.1MM Facebook ad impressions

And that’s not all.

The Infinity Markers campaign received 2.1MM Facebook ad impressions, 100,000 Facebook impressions from posts, 7K new fans on its Facebook page, 375,000 blog impressions, 75 Pinterest pins featuring branded product to audience of 11.5MM and 12,000 re-pins of branded images through Pinterest’s expanded audience.